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The calendar was updated 03-03-2014

Trackside Support calendar has been updated based on information currenlty at hand. All dates are subject to change due to conflicts and mother nature. Dates updated through May 2014!

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Dixon MX in Portales April 26 & 27th 

Gates will be open Friday afternoon and will not close all weekend. Gate fee for weekend is $10 per person.

Entry fee per class is $30, there is a $10 fee for Saturday Practice.

Saturday practice starts at 10:00am and we will offer 2 complete rounds of practice.

Saturday races should start about 1:30pm depending on time needed to groom track.

Sunday we will have a short warm up pratcice at 9:00am  races should start about 9:30am.

Click on this link for your information to enter the 2014 Factory Ride for the Day contest. We will have two winners one under 13 and a second for over 14. Remember be creative and show your true spirit, no employee of Brownlee racing will be a judge. The judges will not know who you are and will award the winner based on your answers to the questions and your essay. Send you completed form to the address below, entries must be psotmarked by May 5, 2014

Brownlee Racing
3019 West 7th Street Suite 10
Plainview, Texas 79072

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We did not invent trackside support but we do feel we have brought it to a new level. Brownlee Racing.com based in Plainview, Texas offers trackside support for the motocross racing community locally, regionally and nationally. Braden Brownlee, Brandon Brownlee Bill Davis, Larry Hartman,Mason McGee, will be our trackside presence at events.
We continue to partner with many factories to provide Factory MX Racer
and Trackside Support Services.   We want to keep the rider on the track riding a safe and sound bike!  

Thanks for your continued support. 


If you need to contact us, please use the following information:

Braden Brownlee      806-786-9870   

Brandon Brownlee   806-786-8162

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