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Spring 2020

Super Cool Pictures

Here we have for your consideration Wyatt Powe 777 of Crosbyton, Texas. Wyatt received the "on the pipe award" for the most improved rider. Braden and Big Sid are pictured with Wyatt, we have both seen Wyatt grow up at the track and this year Wyatt blew us away. we were not the only ones impressed! Help us celebrate with Wyatt "On the Pipe" Powe, if the exhaust seems to have a dent, it does nothing is perfect. No one has a day without obstacles and Wyatt over came some to earn this award, he can roll with the punches, thats what champions do!

Here we have the "Flyin Freeman Brothers from Denver City, Texas. They are showing there fruits of their labor from the 2013 Big Side of Texas Spriing Championships. Yes they are members of the "Denver City Mafia"

Brownlee Racings Anna Roark of Midland, Texas reads the list of sponsors over the PA system. She is standing on the podium stage, there are 27 class champions stands and tires for first place. 

This is Katelyn Clauss from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Big Sid was wondering how they cut the holes in her helmet for pigtails. Katelyn informed Big Sid they are glued on her helmet, but are made from unicorn hair which is magic and makes you faster! This was from round 3 at Dixon MX, thanks Katelyn

This is Taylor Tosh of Amarillo, Texas he is 6 years old and the son of Mickey Tosh. He was kind enough to show Big Sid his hardware he won at the Cycle City Arenacross in Amarillo, Texas on March 2, 2013. This is what a future champion looks like.

This is Cami Samples the daughter of Chris and Shannon samples of Maypearl, Texas, she came to the Map Arenacross in Odessa, Texas and was she ready to ride! She is pictured with what appears to be a very tired Big Sid, they both have great taste in clothes note the FLY racing!

It is rumored that the Sunday Odessa paper said this about Cami. "Cyclone Cami came to Odessa Saturday night to race and did she ever. she pulled the holeshot in the combined 50 4-6 and 50 7-8 and never looked back winning wire to wire. In Maypearl girls rules, just ask Cami. For her holeshot she was awarded the super cool pink VP Racing fuel jug

Here we have Jesse James Parkey (111) of Canutilloo, Texas showing that he believes that the Big Side of Texas 2012 Championships rocked. We agree, by the way this is Jesse James Race Face, stay out of his way.

Here we have Braden charming the 2012 Houston Supercross crowd with his knowledge of VP Racing Fuels and Panda Bears!

This is the newest member of the Brownlee Racing and Fly Racing Family, this future superstar is 4 year old Nathan Salinas of Eastland, Texas. Nathan is sporting his new gear he won at the Brownlee Racing tralier at the Dallas Supercross. We agree wiith his motto "Living in Victory Everday", Nathan you are a champion in our book. Good luck to you and team Live!

Here is a story worth telling over and over, the smiling little guy is Gage Root of Oklahoma, the big guy is his dad Tony. A special note this story did bring tears to Big Sid's eyes. Gage won this Fly Racing Gear at the Brownlee Racing trailer at the Dallas Supercross and Gage had his mom ask if he could give the gear to his dad instead. Tony worked long hours at a previous job and just changed jobs and now he and Gage have time to ride together. We think Gage has a heart as big as the backpack and is not selfish. We could not resist this request and he got his wish, dad got new gear. That is one cool kid and we hope Gage and his dad have hours of fun riding together. By the way don't ask where you can buy the backpack, they are limited editions and will not be avalaiable for sometime. Brownlee Racing felt a totally cool kid had to look "Super Cool". 

Big Sid says you are never to young to start good habits, here we have Brant Usherwood the 4 year old grandson of Danny Carter at his first race at Tulie MX. If you check out the radiator shrounds you will see Brant proudly flying the Brownlee Racing colors. Thanks Brant and welcome to the Brownlee Racing Family, good luck in you racing career!

The 232 of Wade Myers of Lubbock, Texas and his best friend, mechanic and dad Mike Myers, powered by Brownlee Racing.

The Triple 5 of James "Connor Bond" of Odessa Powered By Factory Connection, Yoshimura and Brownlee Racing

Round 2 of the Big Side of Texas Fall Championships held at TNT Raceway Idalou, Texas November 13, 2011, be sure to thank David Wills (red Shirt near T in Toyota) of Gene Messer Toyota for supporting the best amateur riders in the Big Side of Texas. We agree with Matt and Zandy that Gene Messer Toyota and Motocrosss are # 1.

Yes this is Chad Reed visiting with Braden and Big Sid, we met with Chad at the Dallas Supercross, Big Sid was informed by Chad that there is no such thing as a Koala bear it is just a Koala. Big Sid did apologize to Chad and all the people of Australia.

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